Survival Kit

Lifesystems Windproof Matches Lifesystems Windproof Matches 2
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BCB Wind and Waterproof Matches

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These all weather matches have extra-long heads to make them safer and easier to light, especially in dark conditions or in bad weather where lighting may become more difficult.
Survival Kit Survival Kit 2
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Survival Kit

Survival Kit

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The most basic survival kit, in polypropylene durable box.
US Ammo box metal
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US Ammo box metal

US metal ammo box, from army warehouses.
Fire Steel Emergency Fire Steel Emergency 2
Fire Starters - Accessories

Fire Steel Emergency

The Relags Fire Steel `Emergency' is a vital companion when traveling into the bush or into rough and dangerous terrain. Fires can be lighted in very humid environment. A build in compass as well as printed on international emergency signals form the emergency outfit. Comes with neck cord.
Foot Warmer
First Aid Kits

Foot Warmer

Disposable use foot warmers that last up to 8 hours.
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