Stove-Top Heater Stove-Top Heater 2
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Stove-Top Heater

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Stove-top heater that intensifies the heating effect of your portable stove for quicker and better cooking at the camping or outdoors. Fits most kinds of gas and outdoor stoves, and comes with a detachable metal handle. Please be aware, stove/burner is not supplied.
Robens Denali Tent Stove Robens Denali Tent Stove 2
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Robens Denali Tent Stove

A traditional wood-burning stove, for use in tents with a stovepipe port.
Robens Stove Ground Protector Robens Stove Ground Protector 2
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This fire retardant ground protector is designed to protect the ground from any sparks and small ember from your Robens tent stove. Designed to withstand heat up to 550°c.
Mini Flame Heater 1000W Mini Flame Heater 1000W 2
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Mini Flame Heater 1000W

€17.50 €27.50
Μίνι σόμπα η οποία τοποθετείται στην πρίζα και θερμαίνει το χώρο σας, ενώ μεταφέρεται εύκολα χάρη στο πολύ μικρό μέγεθός της. Διαθέτει τηλεκοντρόλ, θερμοστάτη και χρονοδιακόπτη για άνετη χρήση.
Outwell Etna Camping/Patio Heater Outwell Etna Camping/Patio Heater 2
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€59.95 €99.95
For mid-tent suspension this hanging heater lamp will keep you warm on chilly summer nights and also provide your tent with a glowing pleasant light.
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