Portable Electronic Scale
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Portable Electronic Scale

€6.90 €8.90
Portable electronic scale powered by 2 AAA batteries.
Solar Radio Solar Radio 2
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Solar Radio

Portable solar radio with high quality torch and lamp that can be charged either by the sun via its solar panel or by the included USB cable.
Ultrasonic Dog Chaser and Trainer
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The dog repeller ZF853E/5039 Super Ultrasonic Dog Chaser is a universal device that performs the functions of protection from angry and aggressive dogs, as well as dog training. This device can also be used as a flashlight that can shine at a distance of up to 25 meters. The light is provided by two LEDs located on the end of the device.
Fox Blowgun Fox Blowgun 2
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Fox Blowgun 76cm

76 cm Blowgun with Visor with 10 Arrows - Camo
Resqme Defendme Rescue - Self-defence Tool Resqme Defendme Rescue - Self-defence Tool 2
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Rescue me Defend Tool

Personal alarm ideal for everybody but especially children, people who work alone in remote environments, joggers in nature, elderly people who cannot call for help. Also the perfect tool in case of a big earthquake for calling the rescuers from under the rubble.
Pocket LED Pocket LED 2
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Pocket LED

Powerful LED torch, ideal on a key-ring, as a reading lamp or emergency torch. Complete with pendant.
Vehicle Oscillating Fan 6" 24V Vehicle Oscillating Fan 6" 24V 2
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Oscillating fan that plugs into yoyr vehicle lighter and can be attached anywhere you wish with its large clip.
Grenade Survival Kit Grenade Survival Kit 2
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Grenade Survival Kit

The most basic survival kit, in a box wrapped by paracord and hanged by a carabiner.
Mini Flame Heater 1000W Mini Flame Heater 1000W 2
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Mini Flame Heater 1000W

€17.50 €27.50
Μίνι σόμπα η οποία τοποθετείται στην πρίζα και θερμαίνει το χώρο σας, ενώ μεταφέρεται εύκολα χάρη στο πολύ μικρό μέγεθός της. Διαθέτει τηλεκοντρόλ, θερμοστάτη και χρονοδιακόπτη για άνετη χρήση.
Nite Ize Curvyman Cord Supervisor Nite Ize Curvyman Cord Supervisor 2
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This slick little tool is designed to manage your earbud and headphone cords. Curvyman's unique shape is perfect for keeping your earbuds tangle-free and the attached S-Biner makes it easy to clip Curvyman anywhere you go.
Nite Ize Armband for iPhone 4/4S & Similar Nite Ize Armband for iPhone 4/4S & Similar 2
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€16.00 €32.90
With the Nite Ize Action Armbandnd, you'll have convenient, hands-free use of your iPhone's training apps, stopwatch, maps, and iTunes library--through even your most active workouts.
Nite Ize Steelie Hobknob Kit Nite Ize Steelie Hobknob Kit 2
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Nite Ize Steelie Hobknob Kit

€24.90 €34.90
The Steelie HobKnob Kit for Smartphones gives you a better way to hold and display your phone using the ingenious Steelie magnetic mounting technology. With the two part system, the HobKnob can quickly be attached or detached in a snap to create an ergonomic handle or stand for your phone.
Nite Ize Steelie Pedestal Kit For Tablets Nite Ize Steelie Pedestal Kit For Tablets 2
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€29.90 €49.90
Easily dock your tablet on your desk, nightstand, workbench, or kitchen countertop with Steelie magnetic mounting technology. This kit pairs the Magnetic Tablet Socket with the sleek, machined aluminum Tabletop Stand, creating a functional pedestal for your device for convenient hands-free viewing.
Call Bell Call Bell 2
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Call Bell

€4.90 €7.90
Portable, lightweight and easy to operate call bell made of sturdy metal. Ideal for offices, hospitals, institutions, hotels.
Outwell Christianos Camping Fan
Tent Accessories - Spare Parts

Outwell Christianos Camping Fan

Tent too hot? Feel the breeze with the Outwell Christianos Camping Fan. This lightweight fan simply attaches to the roof of your tent to give relief from the heat. Quiet enough to use at night, it’s ideal for a better night’s sleep. Removable blades make it easy to pack and store and the 5m cable means you can position it wherever you want in the tent....
Nite Ize Steelie Car Mount Kit Nite Ize Steelie Car Mount Kit 2

Nite Ize Steelie Car Mount Kit

Dock your phone to your dashboard using patented Steelie magnetic mounting technology. The Magnetic Phone Socket adheres to your device or case and the Dash Mount secures to your car using trusted 3M® VHB® adhesive. The Magnetic Phone Socket articulates around the Dash Mount allowing you to smoothly adjust the viewing angle, so your phone is always...
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