Original British Royal Mail Courier Bag Original British Royal Mail Courier Bag 2
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Military - Vintage

Original British Royal Mail Courier Bag

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This is the official British Royal Mail courier bag! It comes with large, reflective high-vis stripes in either yellow or white and a single padded carry strap. They're meant to carry mail so they're built sturdy and to be very water-resistant to protect their contents from rain. This is a very durable and unique shoulder bag.
Wayfinder Outback Digital Compass Wayfinder Outback Digital Compass 2
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Compasses & GPS

Wayfinder Outback Digital Compass

€200.00 €256.00
High technology has made the countryside the introduction of the most advanced electronic handheld compass on the market, the Wayfinder Outback ES. Ιτ is the first truly affordable electronic compass with slope compensation. Utilizing technology designed for US military personnel, this revolutionary compass is designed for land and sea use.
CZ Radio Set RF10 CZ Radio Set RF10 2
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CZ Radio Set RF10

€119.00 €149.00
Collectible radio set of the Czechoslovakian Army, like new.
YU Monocular YU Monocular 2
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YU Monocular

€29.90 €39.90
Genuine military monocular of the Yugoslavian Army, with its leather carrying pouchj.
US backpack "Alice Pack", LARGE US backpack "Alice Pack", LARGE 2
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Military - Vintage

US Alice Pack Large

The most classic tactical backpack, original US army surplus,second hand.
Genuine Wooden Military Box Genuine Wooden Military Box 2
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Genuine Wooden Military Box

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Genuine used wooden military box for any use or decoration.
Collector Tin Box Collector Tin Box 2
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Collector Tin Box

€10.00 €18.00
Collector tin box for any use or decoration.
ABC Protection Emergency Set ABC Protection Emergency Set 2

ABC Protection Emergency Set

Original ABC Emergency Suit, brand new, originally packed. A 4-pcs. set from the "Cold War" era of the 1970ies, oversized for a quick pull over your regular clothing.
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