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Wouldn’t it be great if you actually could keep sunshine in your pocket? We thought it would be very convenient, so we created Topo – a super small, water resistant and durable flashlight you can bring with you, anywhere you go.

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Topo is a lightweight, yet robust flashlight with a 20 lm output and 20 meter light beam. It’s got a durable CNC-aluminium body with a grip friendly, anti-roll design. The included carabiner hook makes it easy to carry on your bag, in your belt loops or even a key chain – or you could just put  it in your pocket. It runs on a single AAA battery and is very easy to use. Topo is a trustworthy companion for you to bring wherever you go, and it’s always ready to assist you if you loose something, need to check something or end up in unexpectedly dark situations.

• Super-small and lightweight

Easy to keep in your pocket

• 1xAAA battery

Powered by 1 x AAA battery which gives you 3 hours of burn

• Robust and durable

This flashlight has a robust CNC aluminum body to withstand

• Anti-roll design

The flashlight body has grip friendly, flat surfaces and stays in place on an uneven surface.
Lumens Range0-25
Max Lumens20 Lumens
Μέγιστη Εμβέλεια1-25m
IPX Rating5

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Silva Topo Flashlight

Silva Topo Flashlight

We also set the scene for innovation in diverse outdoor sports areas by launching our first headlamp already in 1935. Although our company has changed since then, Silva compasses remain the preferred choice for orienteers and outdoor enthusiasts around the world. As farmland, fields and forests pass underfoot, our instruments guide their steps.

As a company, we are navigators that circle the globe, solving cross-country complexities. As individuals, we range from multi-adventurers to everyday exercisers. We test all new products via our ambassadors and compare the findings with other sources, such as the valuable input we receive from clients around the world. All this vast experience and knowledge are injected into the design and harsh testing of our renowned world-class products.

Scandinavia’s varying seasons, especially our rainy autumns and our snowy and dark winters, expose outdoor gear to the ultimate test – and they challenge us as well. We have risen to these challenges time after time. In recent years, our innovative and attractively designed headlamps have received several awards. However grateful for this recognition of our hard work, we continue to constantly reinvent ourselves, passionately searching for the ultimate designs and functions of our products.

Presently, our main business areas are Sport, Outdoor and Professional. Within each of these areas you will find headlamps, compasses, pedometers, binoculars, professional instruments and other products. Every single one of them charged with the unstoppable passion of the Silva people.

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