Thermoscafe 0.7 Επέκταση

Thermocafe 0.7 L



Θερμός φτιαγμένο από ανοξείδωτο ατσάλι που μπορεί να κρατήσει τη θερμοκρασία των ζεστών ή κρύων ποτών σας σταθερή για 12 ώρες ή περισσότερο.

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These are modern and practical travel mugs and vacuum flasks for your comfort and ease of taking with you. Be it fresh juicy fruits or hot flavored coffee your snacks and drinks will retain desired temperature for 12 hours or longer. Anywhere. Anytime. This 0.7L vacuum flask is great for daily use during the day or night, outdoors or at home to enjoy fragrant tea flavor. This vacuum flask is especially popular amongst young moms who use hot water overnight. “Easy-stopper” can be opened using one hand. The size and performance of this model are well suited for daily use. 


  • Double wall vacuum insulation, keeps hot or cold.
  • Durable Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior
  • Stainless Steel Cup
  • “Easy-stopper” can be opened using one hand
  • Keeps hot up to 12 h, cold up to 18 h. 
  • Volume: 0.7 L
  • Dimensions: 29 cm x 8.7 cm (height x diameter)
Ύψος29 cm
Διάμετρος8.7 cm
Κατηγορία Χωρητικότητας Λίτρα0-5 Λίτρα
Τύπος ΥδροδοχείουΘερμός

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Thermocafe 0.7 L

Thermocafe 0.7 L

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