Tecnica Women's Magma S Fiori Επέκταση

Tecnica Women's Magma S Fiori



Το Magma της Tecnica είναι σχεδιασμένο για τρέξιμο, πεζοπορία και ορειβασία σε κάθε τύπο τεχνικού ορεινού εδάφους. Αποδίδει νέα επίπεδα πρόσφυσης και προστασίας σε ένα ελαφρύ, άνετο υπόδημα.

Περισσότερες πληροφορίες

  • 38 2/3
  • 39 1/3
  • 40
  • 40 2/3
  • 41 1/3

139,00 €

με ΦΠΑ


  • Τέλεια εξατομικευμένη εφαρμογή με το σύστημα CAS
  • Πρόσφυση και προστασία παντός εδάφους
  • Υψηλές επιδόσεις στην κατάβαση και απορρόφηση κραδασμών


Custom Adaptive Shape

Μόλις σε 15 λεπτά στο κατάστημά μας, μπορείτε να αποκτήσετε τα μοναδικά παπούτσια στον κόσμο κομμένα και ραμμένα στα μέτρα σας!

All-Terrain Grip

The unique multi-traction outsole tread pattern, inspired by MTB enduro tire designs, made with Vibram® Litebase™ technology and Megagrip™ compound rubber, offers optimal grip on all surfaces and in both dry and wet conditions.

Downhill Performance

The ultra-large heel shape provides great stability when hiking or running downhill and on technical traverses. Two rubber stability fins on each side of the back of the shoe provide an unparalleled level of braking on technical descents, including on scree, gravel or loose rocks.

Fast Transition

The last, midsole toe rocker and unique rounded toe shape have been carefully designed to enhance the Magma’s responsiveness, grip and fast acceleration and transition in technical terrains.

Great Fit Out Of The Box

Hiking and running in harsh and variable terrain requires a superior level of comfort and secure foot hold. The MAGMA upper and footbed are pre-shaped around a specific anatomical last to deliver a great feel and perfect fit, right out of the box. This anatomical fit also provides greater midfoot support and heel hold.

Micro Adjustment

Highly durable yet lightweight construction with a classic tongue design for a faster step-in, combined with an integrated lacing system for improved fit precision.

Midfoot Support - Magma

When muscles get tired during a long traverse or downhill section on rocky terrain, it’s crucial to have a shoe capable of supporting the midfoot to prevent ankle injuries. Unlike our other C.A.S. shoes, the Tecnica Magma is offered with a pre molded, cushioned EVA footbed that delivers a great, instant fit without requiring customization.

No Break-in Time - Magma

No two feet are alike. For this reason, we believe that shoes should be able to adapt to the unique shape of each person’s feet. The option to customize our shoes makes it possible to dramatically reduce the time normally needed to break in a new pair of shoes. This also solves the majority of problems related to comfort, blistering and lack of precision.

Protection and Durability

Our new sole is developed with the innovative VIBRAM® LITEBASE ™ technology and MEGAGRIP™ compound rubber. It wraps the upper in critical abrasion zones, providing grip, traction and durability not just underfoot, but also on the toe and sides – all without additional weight or bulk – and with no need for a conventional glued rubber rand.

Shock Absorption

High rebound compression molded EVA midsole to absorb heavy impact on descents, ESS shank to control torsion and rock plate to protect the forefoot against rough terrain. The 8 mm drop delivers excellent trail running performances.

Τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά:

  • Εξωτερικό: Αεριζόμενο 3D πλέγμα
  • Εσωτερικό: Διαπνέουσα ενίσχυση με πλέγμα
  • Σόλα: VibramR Megagrip™ Litebase™ XO SHIELD
  • Μεσόσολα: Compression molded EVA with high rebound compound
  • Πάτοι: Ανατομικοί, Pre-Molded, EVA


Τύπος ΠάτουEVA
Τύπος ΣόλαςVibram

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