SCARPA Reflex are climbing shoes designed to be used by beginner climbers or for those looking for a comfortable shoe.

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With a full sole and intermediate stiffness they are in fact excellent for always guaranteeing support under the foot and accompany you during your first foot rests on the rock or on the grips of the gyms.

Their slightly asymmetrical shape gives good precision on the toe but at the same time does not cause too much pain for those who do not have the foot used to climbing shoes yet.

The insole is synthetic as well as the upper which is made with a material as innovative as trendy as Knit.

With this material, SCARPA has in fact been able to create the entire upper of the shoe starting from a single piece with different densities depending on the area. In fact, in the part of the instep the weave is much less dense than the rest of the shoe: this both to help the fit but also to ensure maximum breathability to the foot.

Thanks also to the upper in synthetic material, the shoe tends to take the shape of the foot but not to give so much.

Closing SystemVelcro
Climbing Shoe UseCrag, Gym, Multipitch
Climbing Shoe Sole TypeFull Sole
Shoe DownturnComfortable
Climbing Shoe Upper MaterialKnitted Fabric
Sole MaterialVision 4 mm
Climbing Shoe StiffnessMedium
Shoe StretchQuite
Climbing Shoe Sole WidthWide
Suggested Size Compared to your Normal Size - BeginnerHalf a Size Smaller
Suggested Size Compared to your Normal Size - IntermediateOne Size Smaller
Suggested Size Compared to your Normal Size - ExpertOne and a Half Size smaller, Two Sizes Smaller

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Founded in Asolo, in the Montebelluna region, an area long known for its quality, handcrafted footwear, SCARPA's initial mission was to bring together all the best shoemakers in the Asolo area toward the goal of producing the best footwear anywhere. SCARPA stands for Società Calzaturiera Asolana Riunita Pedemontana Anonima, which means Associated Shoe Manufacturing Company of the Asolo Mountain Area.

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