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Black Diamond Twilight Bivy

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A minimalist bivy built with lightweight, highly weather resistant NanoShield fabric, the Twilight Bivy is ideal for any foul-weather, light-and-fast pursuit.

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The minimalist, four-season Black Diamond Twilight Bivy is built from water-resistant and breathable NanoShield fabric that keeps weight to an absolute minimum and packs down incredibly small, making it ideal for an emergency shelter or as a sleeping bag cover. Built with a zippered entry across the shoulders, it’s easy to get into and use while sitting up.

  • Frameless construction to minimize weight
  • Proprietary NanoShield single-wall fabric
  • Year-round performance


Season :  4
Average Packed Weight :  302 g (10.7 oz)
Minimum Weight :  290 g (10 oz)
Dimensions :  208 x 84 cm (82 x 33 in)
Area :  1.75 m2 (18.75 sq ft)
Packed Size :  8 x 13 cm (3 x 5 in)



Superlight Series tent canopies and bivys are constructed with NanoShield—Black Diamond’s proprietary breathable single-layer fabric. NanoShield is extremely water-resistant boasting the highest water column rating of any breathable, single-layer fabric. This is thanks to our exclusive Silicone Nanocell coating, which allows the fabric to remain light, soft and packable.


ΚατασκευαστήςBlack Diamond
Βάρος Υπνόσακου0.5kg - 1kg
Πανί ΣκηνήςΜονό
Εποχές4 Εποχών

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Black Diamond Twilight Bivy

Black Diamond Twilight Bivy

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