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Jack Wolfskin Activate XT Texapore Low Womens

Jack Wolfskin


The ACTIVATE XT TEXAPORE was made for people who live every day to the max. 

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This sporty, versatile and lightweight shoe supports you every step of the way, whether you’re on a spontaneous day trip to the countryside or a post-work stroll down by the river. And if your enthusiasm takes you a bit too close to the water’s edge your feet will still stay dry. The waterproof TEXAPORE membrane makes sure of that. The lightweight, flexible sole provides good grip on paths, grass and trails.


  • lightweight, multifunctional hiking boot with modern look
  • waterproof, breathable
  • versatile
  • lightweight, flexible sole
  • activity index: A (hiking)
  • Weight: 540 g/pair (Size 4)
  • water resistant, robust textile fabric and water resistant, robust suede leather
  • TEXAPORE: waterproof, breathable membrane
  • CIRCULINER ACTIVE: extra breathable, fast drying polyester lining
  • WOLF CRUISE: lightweight, flexible hiking sole
  • toe protectors


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Jack Wolfskin Activate XT Texapore Low Womens

Jack Wolfskin Activate XT Texapore Low Womens

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