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135,00 €

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Distinguishing features: aggressive. The velcro shoe that everyone was waiting for.
Velcro lace up version of the Miura model, enriched with a number of innovative technical solutions. It keeps the lace up model’s exceptional characteristics, adding new high-tech elements as well as a quick fit thanks to three velcros. The upper is made with a tubular construction. Arch support with P3 technology which ensures the support of the shape by avoiding natural wear and tear of the materials and guaranteeing maximum performance through time. This climbing shoe is ideal for competitions and for the most demanding climbers.

Suede leather, slip lasted.
LaSpoFlex 1,1 mm only on the anterior of the shoe combined with the P3 system.
Vibram® XS Edge 4 mm
P3 System (Permanent Power Platform)
32 - 46 (including half sizes)
520 g (pair, size 39)

+ Structured shoe made from single piece leather.
+ Upper: no lining on the push points for maximum power.
+ Fast and efficient triple velcro lacing.

ΚατασκευαστήςLa Sportiva
Βάρος520 g (pair, size 39)

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La Sportiva Miura VS

La Sportiva Miura VS

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