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Lace up version of the famous Katana model. This version offers the same multifunctional use with additional technical solutions enabling the product to provide even higher levels of performance.

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A lace up version of the famous Katana model which offers the same excellent multifunctional performance with the addition of several new technical solutions which further enhance the high levels of performance. The P3 System maintains the downturned shape unaltered for the life of the shoe. The innovative construction method inserts the lining between the leather uppers and the rubber rand, a solution which brings together the structural advantages of a lined shoe and the breathability and precision of an unlined shoe. The tongue is made using a soft and breathable material and the lacing system allows for optimum regulation of the internal volume of the shoe: all elements aimed at providing a great overall fit. The Vibram XS Edge sole allows to lightened the load on smaller holds. Katana lace is the perfect addition to La Sportiva’s climbing range.

A combination of suede leather and microfiber,tubular construction.
Front and back Pacific lining.
Laspoflex 1,1 mm combined to the P3 System.
Vibram® XS Edge 4 mm
33 - 46 (including half sizes)
500 g (pair, size 39)

+ Innovative construction method brings together the structural advantages of a linedshoe with the breathable and precision fit characteristics of an shoe with no lining.
+ Breathable, enhanced comfort tongue.
+ Quick lacing system allows for optimal volume regulation.

ΚατασκευαστήςLa Sportiva
Βάρος500 g (pair, size 39)
ΕπένδυσηFront and back Pacific lining

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La Sportiva Katana Laces

La Sportiva Katana Laces

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