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La Sportiva Akasha Mountain Running

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Παπούτσι με μεγάλη απορρόφηση κραδασμών, σχεδιασμένο για μεγάλες αποστάσεις.

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Akasha, a Sanskrit word that stays for “ether”, is the La Sportiva Mountain Running boot with the greatest shock absorption: dedicated to the world of endurance competitions, it is perfect on long distance runs, Ultra-Marathons, Ultra-Trails and for long training sessions. The Cushion Platform™ footbed provides excellent shock absorption and comfort together with the wide internal volume, the soft, breathable, and snug fitting uppers and a slip on construction that eliminates compression points during the race. The innovative front active inserts Dynamic ProTechTion™ provide protection and structure following the foot in a dynamic way and without constrictions. The dual mix FriXion XT grippy sole is equipped with the exclusive Trail Rocker™ solution to promote the natural movement “external heel – internal toe” of the foot during running. Akasha, the essence of the ultra-runner: protection, comfort and shock absorption.

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Breathable Air Mesh + PU leather at the rear and Dynamic ProTechTion at the toe.
Mesh non slip.
Injected EVA and Cushion Platform.
Ortholite Mountain Running.
FriXion XT dual density with Trail Rocker system.
6 mm
36 - 47,5 (including half sizes)
660 g (pair, size 42)

+ Soft Slip-on uppers, tight fit and super breathability with slipper sock construction to avoid compression points and to provide the maximum comfort.
+ Wide volumes designed for long use during endurance competitions.
+ Front active reinforcements Dynamic ProTechTion: provide protection and structure following the foot movement in a dynamic way without constriction.
+ Extra shock absorption thanks to the Cushion Platform footbed.
+ Sole with exclusive Trail Rocker system to favour a natural support external heel - internal toe of the shoe during the race.

ΚατασκευαστήςLa Sportiva
Βάρος330 gr

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