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Alpine FLZ Trekking Poles

Black Diamond


Durable, packable and highly versatile, the Alpine FLZ Pole easily goes from summer hikes to winter ski tours by swapping the baskets and adjusting the secure, easy-to-use FlickLock Pro system for a perfect fit.

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No stranger to crossover, the Black Diamond Alpine FLZ is the best Z-pole for four-season use, just as at home on a summer jaunt far from the trailhead as on a winter tour deep in the backcountry. With 60 mm Trekking Baskets and Compactor Powder Baskets that are easily swapped to provide four-season usability, it also features an aluminum construction combined with a three-section foldable design that keeps your load light and fast.

  • Natural cork grip with dual-density top and breathable, moisture-wicking strap
  • Non-slip EVA foam grip extension
  • Three-section foldable shaft with speed cone deployment and FlickLock adjustability
  • Aluminum construction
  • Flex Tech Tips allow either carbide or rubber tips to be used
  • 60 mm Trekking Baskets and Compactor powder Baskets


Series :   Distance
Βάρος (ζευγάρι) : 546 g (1 lb 3 oz)
Μήκος ανοιχτό :  [120-140 cm] 120-140 cm (47-55 in)
Μήκος κλειστό : [120-140 cm] 42 cm (16 in)

Ύψος[120-140 cm] 120-140 cm (47-55 in)
Βάρος546 g (1 lb 3 oz)
Τεχνολογία Μπατόν3-Piece Poles

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Alpine FLZ Trekking Poles

Alpine FLZ Trekking Poles

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