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Lifeventure RFiD Compact Wallet



Απλό, compact πορτοφόλι με προστασία RFiD και μινιμαλιστική σχεδίαση. Διαθέτει 6 θήκες για κάρτες συμπεριλαμβανομένης μιας με παράθυρο για ταυτότητα, 1 θήκη για χαρτονομίσματα και 2 έξτρα θήκες, καθώς και ελαστικό ιμάντα για να κλείνει, όλα σε ένα πολύ λεπτό μέγεθος.

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16,90 €

με ΦΠΑ

This wallet shields the contents from radio frequency identification (RFiD) readers by stopping the information being transmitted through the nickel and copper coated polyester fabric, reducing the risk of identity theft.

  • RFiD protected
  • 6 card pockets, 1 with ID window
  • 1 note pocket
  • 2 stash pockets
  • Quick access and closure method
RFiD Protected

This wallet utilises an RFiD blocking material. This unique fabric acts as a barrier against RFiD signals, dramatically reducing the risk of identity theft from bank or credit cards.

What is RFiD?

RFiD microchips can be found in most credit cards, passports and iD cards. They facilitate cash transactions or wireless identity checks from up to 10 feet away.

Why block RFiD signals?

Identity thieves can use handheld RFiD readers which scan the radio frequencies emitted by each chip in order to gain access to your personal data.

What is protected?

All card slots in this wallet are protected. They protect most contactless bank and credit cards.

  • Weight: 32g
  • Dimensions (packed): 100 x 90 x 10mm


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Lifeventure RFiD Compact Wallet

Lifeventure RFiD Compact Wallet

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