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Cloud 2 Footprint




Increase insulation and protection for the groundsheet of your Cloud 2 Tent with a footprint which makes cleaning easy.

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Protect the groundsheet of your Outwell Cloud 2 tent. The footprint is the ideal way to increase insulation from the ground, keep the tent clean and protect from abrasion.

Made from the same material as the base of your tent the footprint is a great way to add protection, insulation and make cleaning easier.

Protection from damage or abrasion from rocks, or small items left behind on the campsite pitch.

Use the footprint as a template for your tent, allowing you to place your tent exactly where you want it. The footprint pegs to the floor to hold it in place. Just remember to leave extra room for the guylines.

Providing an extra barrier from the ground the footprint not only protects from abrasion and damage but also helps to keep the base of the tent clean and allows the tent to be folded up on top of a the groundsheet, keeping everything cleaner.

  • Cut slightly smaller than floorplan to ensure water cannot collect under the tent
  • Pegging points for fixing
  • Uses same material as tent floor
  • Polyethylene with bound edges
  • Pegs supplied

FabricDouble-coated 100% Polyethylene, 10,000 mm hydrostatic head

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