Alpine™ Stowaway Pot 1.1L Επέκταση

MSR Alpine™ Stowaway Pot 775ml



Our line of stainless steel pots stands up to heavy use and offers a high quality, durable option in cookware. They’re perfect for scouts and emerging campers, as well as budget-minded travelers.

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  • Dual purpose handle/lid lock flips up and over the fitted lid to securely lock the lid in place during transport
  • Fitted lid with a top handle
  • Scratch and dent resistant stainless steel stands up in the most rugged conditions
  • Rounded corners help heat travel up sides of pot more quickly, boosting efficiency

Tip: Your MSR pots will be even more efficient if you allow them to blacken with use. That's because a blackened surface absorbs heat better than a light one.

775 ML
Weight (Standard)13 oz
Weight (Metric)0.37 kg
Width (Standard)6.5 in
Height (Standard)3 in
Volume (Metric)0.775 liters
Material(s)Stainless Steel
Country of OriginMade in Thailand
Volume (Standard, fl oz)26.2 fl. oz
Κατηγορία Χωρητικότητας Λίτρα0-5 Λίτρα
Υλικό ΚατασκευήςΑνοξείδωτο Ατσάλι

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